gcmtool is the primary program in the gcmtools suite. It is the program that you use to work directly with GameCube DVD images (.gcm and .iso).

If you run gcmtool with a GCM as a commandline argument, it'll dump information about your game: Mookid:~ spike$ gcmtool naruto2_JAP.gcm Filename: naruto2_JAP.gcm System ID: G (Gamecube) Game ID: NU Region: J (Japan/NTSC) Maker Code: DA (Tomy) Game Name: NARUTO2 DOL offset: 128768 Apploader: 9280 ApploaderSize: 6484 FST: 1903360 File count: 348

To see all of the available commandline options and information about them, run gcmtool with the -? (or --help) option: gcmtool -?


gcmbnrtool is used for working with opening.bnr found in the root directory of all GCMs. It contains extra information about the developer and game including a brief description of the game and a bitmap icon. gcmbnrtool can modify any of that information (unfortunately only in ASCII. So if you wanna put information in japanese, you're SOL), as well as extract the icon to a .raw (for photoshop) or even a .ppm (portable-pixel-map) format and inject your own custom icon (currently only from a .raw).

By default, gcmbnrtool will print out information about the .bnr: Mookid:~ spike$ gcmbnrtool prince_opening.bnr Version: 1 Name: Prince of Persia Developer: UBISOFT Entertainment Full Name: Full Developer: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Description: ? 2003 UBISOFT Entertainment

To see usage, run gcmbnrtool with the -? commandline option.